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Stephanie Perkins
"Praise for Falling for Home

This story was wonderful on so many levels that connects the reader. First off, Lucy Aarons is the middle child of the beautiful Aaron sisters that are highly regarded in town. Lucy comes home from her global trotting job that she just so happens to have been fired from to help younger sister Kate with the remodeling and fundraising for the local teen/youth center. Everyone is harsh to Lucy on her history of quick in and out trips due to her renowned photography job that has landed her in all the top magazines; however, they always fail to give her the deserved praise. Lucy is one you identify with, feel hurt for and want her to just tell people off even knowing it's not her personality.

Lucy has came home to find things have changed in the 4 years since she has been gone, not all good, but the sexy Sheriff living next door is just down right awesome. Alex Whittman grew up with Lucy and she has been on his radar for years. Seeing her again only brings back the boyhood desires Alex held for Lucy. Alex sees Lucy for who she is and accepts her as well. He sees the hurt the inconsiderate words her family throws at her causes and Lucy can't seem to hide from Alex like she can everyone else.

Being back home, Lucy sees what she has been missing. She misses the closeness her family has and feels odd man out. She misses her nieces and her sisters and realizes they have lots of things going on themselves. Her parents are a big ball of angst as she misses them terribly, knows there is something going on with her mother and harbors feelings that need to be dealt with.

While Lucy has her own things to deal with, Alex is dealing with a town vandal and arson"